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 Inquisitive Dave adventure
Help Dave through the great adventure. Use keyboard arrow keys and spacebar for control. p is pause.
 Yan Loong Legend 2nd Impact
In this sequel the adventure continues! Cool adventure game with some RPG elements. Use keyboard for...
 Yan Loong Legend
In this adventure game with some role game elements you must survive fighting with enemies. Use keyb...
 Michigan Hawk
Do you have what it takes to be a archeologist? Collect items, treasures, water, maps and escape! Us...
 SAG Underwater Space Mission
You are an agent in the secret underwater mission. Help the agent though mine fields. Use mouse or k...
Help monkey to catch juicy fruits but beware of sneaky sneaks!
 Gringo Bandido
Welcome to wild wild west! The town of Gringo Bandido needs you. Kill all the wanted criminals to br...
 The Crazy Worm
You are controlling the Crazy Worm. Avoid obstacles and collect fruits. Use mouse for controls. Are ...
 Top Fruit Slots
Classic Fruit Slots game is exciting and fun to play. Use mouse for controls.
The purpose of the game is to build 8 sequences down in suit within the tableau (each running from k...
 Video poker
Video poker is a nice poker game to kill time. Use mouse for controls.
Klondike card game. Move all the cards to foundation piles.
 GoldRush Roulette
In this roulette game you don't bet with small coins. You bet with nuggets of gold! Use mouse for co...
 Sint Nicolaas
Help Santa through adventure. Use arrowkeys for controls. Tip: Collect letters S, I, N and T to gain...
 Santa's Cannon
Shoot gifts with Santa's Cannon. Choose the right gift, aim and press red launch button. Use mouse f...
 Christmas Balls
Exchange positions between two balls so that you form groups of three similar colored balls. Use mou...
 Shopping Mania
Collect gifts and be careful with busy shoppers. Use mouse for controls.
 Celebrity memory test
How well can you remember faces of celebrities? Find pairs for celebrities faces as fast as you can....
How good is your memory. This card game to tests your memory!
 Double Bubble memory test
This memory test really challenges you! Click the bubble, if the object in the bubble appears for th...
 The Magic Number
Test how good number memory you have. Write number to the box as fast as possible. There are two lev...
 Guitar Geek
Let the guitar rock! Play notes at the right timing by pressing keys A, S, D and F.
 Riff Master
Ready to rock? You are the guitar hero in this amazing game. Use keyboard to push frets on guitar. R...
 Mario Forever Flash
Mario Forver Flash is an excellent Mario-platform game. Help Mario through variety of levels. Use ke...
 Naruto Level
Go as fast as you can, before spikes will reach you. Use arrow keys for controls.
 Alien UFO
Save the green little men! Collect green aliens with your UFO and transport them to the safe zone. U...
Help Skinny through reveral levels! Use A, S, W, D to move and jump, spacebar to talk, and your mous...
 Perfect Balance
Insert the blocks so that they are in the perfect balance in the physics. No block is allowed to fal...
Form holizontal or vertical rows of 3 similar blocks. Rows of four or more blocks increase power up ...
Combine as many same colored bricks as possible. You better be quick as well!
Rotate blocks so that power call go to all the goal points. Rotate blocks by clicking their right or...
 Word cities
Do you know where the biggest cities of the world are located? Click on the map a position where you...
 Geography Quiz USA states
So you think you know all about US geography? It is your change to prove it! Point out on the map wh...
 Dirt Bike 4 motorcycle challenge
Ready to make your motor bike go through unbelievable tracks? Use arrow keys of keyboard for control...
 Fast Track
This one is all about racing and only racing! Use arrow keys for controls (or A W S D). Let the race...
 USS Racing 2 Extreme Edition
In this racing game there weapons are even involved! Use arrow keys and spacebar (shooting) for cont...
 Foofa Race
Ready to race? In this racing game you can find special aid on the track. Use arrow keys to drive an...
Clear the table out of balls as fast as possible. Use your mouse to aim and shoot the cue. Don't hit...
 Ultimate Billiards
I bet you haven't played this kind of billiards in real life! This game is a bomb!
 501 Darts
Darts game. Use as few throws as possible to reach zero.
 Ski Jump Vancouver 2010
Vancouver 2010 olympics official ski jump game. Click when the meter is at maximum, hold down left m...
 Pandemic 2
Spread the chosen decease all over the world! In this game with a unique idea you can choose from tw...
 Warzone Tower Defence
In this Tower Defence game you must survive as long as you can from attacts of the enemy troops. Use...
Pirates are attacking! Buy proper ammos for your ship. Load stuff inside cannons and let cannons tal...
 Shadez war game
Shadez is a war game full of action! Build units, order (air)strikes and upgrades for the mission. B...
 Love Tester
Fun Love Tester helps to find out compability with your crush.
 Hallow Man
You have only nine changes to guess the right word in this Halloween game. If you will loose all the...
Create English words out of the given set of letters. There is only 3 minutes to go! Use keyboard to...
 Alphabet Jungle
Spell yourself out of the pot that is boiling in this really fun word game. Find as many words as yo...
 Valentine Hang
You have 9 changes to guess a word in this valentine game. Don't let all the hearts fly away!
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